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Five flowers - one home by Draceira Five flowers - one home :icondraceira:Draceira 0 0 Santa (Silyeong) - Older Bell by Draceira Santa (Silyeong) - Older Bell :icondraceira:Draceira 1 0 Southern penguin by Draceira Southern penguin :icondraceira:Draceira 1 2 Anxiety by Draceira Anxiety :icondraceira:Draceira 2 2
Your little red dancers
Let me astray,
Cornered me,
And took my fragment away
Without my sanity
I enjoyed the pain
Engulfed in a world
Without loss and gain
I was hypnotized
By your flaming buss
The raging inferno
That we called “us”
When the heat erupted
I grew cold
Embracing myself
Without warmth to hold
Your last kiss
Still scorched on my skin
Leaving trails of scars
Deep within
I barricaded myself
A wall of ice and rain
I’ve been shielded
From the heat that brought pain
I survived a love
That was much too dire
And I’m finally regaining
What I lost in the fire.
:icondraceira:Draceira 0 0
Flying head by Draceira Flying head :icondraceira:Draceira 0 0 Bunny Girlgirl... by Draceira Bunny Girlgirl... :icondraceira:Draceira 0 0
Butcher's game
Let’s play the butcher’s game
That’ll show we are the same
All you have to pay
Are your secrets from yesterday
It’ll be us when he call
And we’ll watch each other fall
Envy and wrath
The most venomous path
Gluttony, pride
The fastest way to hide
Sloth and lust
What will be the cost?
But the worst of all is greed
It will be your final defeat
You bought tickets for a peek inside
But will you even survive?
Knives for blood, and knives of feather
Tears through all kinds of leather
Cause you’re doomed for what you’ve done
Doomed for what you’ve become
The butcher looks you in the eye
And stabs you, watch you die
And as you watch your own blood run
He’ll whisper: “Wasn’t it fun?”
:icondraceira:Draceira 0 0
Our monsters
Monsters live beneath our beds.
Since when have they begun
To crawl into our hearts?
I'm not saying that you are a monster.
How could I?
I fueled your madness and obsession.
My monster affected yours
Just like yours affected mine.
Maybe that is why I can't let go.
Because the words my monster speak
Have been said by your monster before.
:icondraceira:Draceira 2 0
He shook his head
"What to do with you?"
He quietly said
"You have lost yourself"
He lit a smoke
He started to choke
"Shall we recreate?"
He tried to breathe
"Or shall we find you"
He began to seethe
He slowly calmed
"Stop throwing nice things away"
He would not let me respond
"It's annoying how blind you are"
He coughed
"To the things that matters"
His eyes went soft
"You have no idea who I am"
He touched his chest
"It does not matter anyway"
He looked tired at best
"Take care of this for me"
He moved from his stand
"Even if you are irresponsible"
He lightly touhed my hand
"Just promise me, before you leave"
He stepped back
"That you'll wake up tommorrow too"
He was fading to black
"Because one day"
He put a smile on
"I'll be there beside you"
He was gone
You open your eyes
The day is about to start
You open your hand
And inside is a tiny glassheart.
:icondraceira:Draceira 3 1
Don’t worry, babe
You did not break my heart
I broke it long before you had the chance.
And while you tried to mend it
By giving me pieces of your own
I tore it apart just as fast
I’m a fucked up Frankenstein of people’s love
I braced myself, honey
But the impact was much too severe
I see no bruises, nor am I dead
So why does it hurt, and where?
I have told myself that I’m okay
Cause I am.
So where does this zombie-me fit in?
So this is it, dear
My last chance to call you all the silly names
The last ‘I love you’ directed to me
I guess I should have accepted the compliments.
I know it won’t help if I regret anything
I will miss you
And I feel my demons begin to surface
I wish you luck, my love
I hope someone will give you all you deserve
While I could not.
I told you from the start I weren’t good enough
And it seems like you finally heard me.
As if my words were a message in a bottle
And the storm reached the ocean at last.
:icondraceira:Draceira 5 0
From the torment of yesterday I’ll grow
From the chains of humiliation I’ll free myself
From your raised fist I’ll fly
From the ashes I’ll rise
I’ll strife for the mountains
Let the evaporated corpses of my enemies
Be my only companions
I’ll howl with the wolves as the moon rises
And bathe in my mother’s warmth when it’s gone
I’ll let my voice be heard when I pass you
I’ll make you hope to see me pass by
The rare sight of dying flames
I’ll listen to the cries of the lost
Show them to their long lost castle
And when they once again chain me
When they once again put a price on me
I’ll let them watch as the heat devour me
Let the inferno erase me
Embrace the annihilation that comes
And as they slowly forget me over time
The memory of me fade...
I’ll light up once again
I’ll make people tremble with  deference
Just by the sound of my voice
Let them reach for me and see them get burne
:icondraceira:Draceira 2 5
Always second, never first
Always split and cursed
I see the torn cotton veil
And it’s exactly how I feel
Bruised moonlight steals a tear
Sprouting seeds of fear
“Run, death, run!
Catch the little one!”
Marked by the night
Chosen by darkness’ only light
Betrayed by a friend
A mistake you won’t make again
Untamed fire guides your way
Hidden in mist from yesterday
A damsel in distress
Only a pawn in a game of chess
Destined to be put aside
Destined to be sacrificed.
It’s in your blood to be burned
Cause that is what you’ve earned
Awakend you suddenly stop
Looking back before looking up
“The truth is said to be reveled
But my faith is not yet sealed
You tempted me with siren song
But the stars taught me right and wrong
The hunted is not me but you
That’s the only thing I know is true”
A sword was raised at the spotted light
“I declare war on you and your knights
Cause I am not your pray to kill
I have faith and I have wi
:icondraceira:Draceira 3 3
Alplascheine by Draceira Alplascheine :icondraceira:Draceira 0 0 Plascheine by Draceira Plascheine :icondraceira:Draceira 0 0
Canine of the night
Dance, you wolf of silver
And let the moon fill your steps
So they'll restart natures breath
Take a chance and howl with the butterflies of the night
Look for nests of winter
In the crown of the weeping willow
Spread your wings, silverwolf
And soar through the night
But be careful for it's hands
Who tries to grab your heart
Gaze while the stars turn
And bark in joy when they ask you to play
Wag your tail, you shining beast
Cause the night have blurred my sight
So the darkness don't allow me to see
Share your joy with me so all can be clear
Sneer at man, you animal of light
Cause he have tried to tame you
But don't bite yet
For he may learn
That you are unable to let go of yourself
:icondraceira:Draceira 0 0


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